The HOOKERS and HANGERS Blogfest – Hangers

Looking for my character interview for the buccaneer blogfest? Why it be here.
So the 16th was the day of the hookers (sounds like some mega-cheesy, z-grade film). Naturally, I’m meaning the first sentences from each chapter of Golden Dawn.
Today it’s the time for the last sentences of each chapter. Yes, I’m talking about the hangers. And, like I did for the hooker post, I’ll be listing all the chapters (yes, I am aware that some aren’t as good as others, that’s just how the endings fall).
Prologue: He hadn’t died to let her slip away now.
Chapter One: If he was careful enough, he could likely go for weeks without so much as smelling a single being.
Chapter Two: You’ve gone too far this time, father.

Chapter Three: At least in the tower he only had one person to ignore and if she annoyed him too much, he could always spend his time on the steps.
Chapter Four: Far better to let others fall to his father instead of family.
Chapter Five: With his head pillowed on an arm, he closed his eyes.
Chapter Six: As if it always had been and he’d just needed reminding.

Chapter Seven: No.
Chapter Eight: It shouldn’t take much effort to open them.
Chapter Nine: The thoughts playing over and over in his mind, he drifted off to sleep.
Chapter Ten: She needed h-
Chapter Eleven: Just like his brother ….

Chapter Twelve: She wasn’t all that weighty, he could easily haul her back onto the floor, but trying to do so while she moved in counter to his actions only made it worse.
Chapter Thirteen:“I love you.”
Chapter Fourteen:He would’ve believed her, had it not been for the uncertainty in her eyes telling him she thought otherwise.
Chapter Fifteen: Guilt settling in his gut like a rock, he forced himself to leave the tower, staggering down the stairs in his haste.
Chapter Sixteen: If only the night would be prove itself to be a dreamless one.
Chapter Seventeen:If she chose to abandon the crystal, he’d only have to suffer her dying.
Chapter Eighteen:There was a thump of flesh hitting stone and he had his passage into the fortress once again.
Chapter Nineteen:Brother or not, he was still meat.
Chapter Twenty: Having previously scorned such laziness, he smiled at how easily he walked the halls unchallenged.
Chapter Twenty-One:By him.
Chapter Twenty-Two:And anyone who tried to stop him.
Chapter Twenty-Three:Inside, standing in the middle of the room, his father waited.
Chapter Twenty-Four:Herald scooped up the weapon, ramming blade into sheath as he jogged down the deserted corridors.
Chapter Twenty-Five:No matter the cost.
Epilogue: And there were ways of staying.

30 thoughts on “The HOOKERS and HANGERS Blogfest – Hangers

  1. lol. Off a cliff and headfirst into sleepyland. Stuff like that happens when you trust the wrong people. ^_^

    I feel sorry for poor chapter seven. All those words and it got stuck with one.


  2. Definitely love the ending of the prologue. But this one is cool too:

    Brother or not, he was still meat.

    Could be taken the wrong way, i.e. are there zombies? hehe

    Seriously though, I like your lines here! And it strikes me as quite amazing that you can learn a fair bit (or think you have, anyway) about a story just from first and last lines.


  3. This one made me chuckle. Sort of the equivalent to having him 'sleep on the couch'

    Chapter Three: At least in the tower he only had one person to ignore and if she annoyed him too much, he could always spend his time on the steps.


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