Buccaneer Blogfest – Lightbulb

On a side note: I’ve been interviewed by Chris Kenworthy over at The Kelworth Files. ^_^

Ah, the lightbulb moment …
Am I the only one now thinking about Gru from Despicable Me? Say it with me now! Light-bulb.

On a more serious note. That’s more-or-less what the Buccaneer Blogfest has for this day’s prompt is all about. Revealing what inspired us to write what we wrote. How the ideas were formulated. And what, if anything, is taken out real life.

I’ve sort of already revealed how I came up with Dark One’s Mistress. It was a very strange month.
Of course, not as strange as the morning I sat down to type with Golden Dawn playing in my head. It was actually a dream. Really. The whole thing. Dreamt it. Okay I expanded on it, otherwise it would’ve been very short and as confusing to someone else as explaining the dream was. Everything I understood while having the dream doesn’t just explain itself. Still, from Chapter One to the beginning of the Epilogue, it was all a dream (from an omniscient pov). Crazy.
Of the others, they’ve been around too long for me to recall exactly how they came into being. Despite being the newest WiP, Anubis’ Handmaiden is lumped with this lot as I’ve no idea where it came from. I just started typing (like I did for The Rogue King, DragonAelfah and The Witch of Morthin). Perhaps it was a dream I cannot consciously recall dreaming.

I guess that means that none of it has been taken from real life. Unless you’re including dreams in that, then I’ve so been ripping from real life.

6 thoughts on “Buccaneer Blogfest – Lightbulb

  1. So cool! So instead of looking your dreams up in a book, you wrote them into one. Wow! I wish I had awesome book worthy dreams 🙂 it's crazy what writers can invent with only their imagination and a blank document! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Golden Dawn's only 33k. So maybe that's half a book.
    Like I said, I wrote what I saw and filled in the blanks. ^_^

    It doesn't always work to plan. The last dream I wrote into a story was Mapmaker, all 1200 words of it.


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