Buccaneer Blogfest – Books

Week Three of the Buccaneer Blogfest and it’s time to reveal what we read, because all writers need to be readers, right? Practically mandatory.

I’ve been given the question: What are the last three books you’ve read?

Ha! I say unto you, ha! The last three books? You could go through my review category and see the last umpteen ones I’ve read (they are also posted on Goodreads and LibraryThing).
At the moment I’m on a Pratchett kick. Aiming to read the whole Discworld series in one long line, in fact. Although the availability of certain titles makes this difficult at times.

To keep it short and sweet: I’m currently reading The Fifth Elephant.
My last three books were: Carpe JugulumThe Last Continent & Jingo.

No, the towers in the front don’t fall down.

Now to tell you what is currently in my Kindle/on my bedside table. *snicker*
I’ve so many paperbacks that my poor Kindle has drained its batteries several times without me reading a single word (seriously, why does it need to have something on the screen when it’s turned off?). My bedside table barely has a book on it.

This is because my bookshelves are right beside the bed. Though, to be fair, only the lot on the left is actually my reading pile. My keepers, as I call them. There’s about 600 of them. Mostly fantasy and science fiction, largely got via second-hand stores.

14 thoughts on “Buccaneer Blogfest – Books

  1. Wow. That's a LOT of books. My mom is like that, too. My house isn't big enough so I only keep a few books on hand for the most part. We mostly keep reference type books and trade in or give away the others. I bet it's hard to choose what to read next.


  2. It's taken me several years, and many dollars, to get this far. And there's still another 200 books I'm needing to complete some series.
    Although, I do wonder at times how I'll ever get round to reading them all, what with it taking me at least a month, sometimes longer, to read most books due to real life interference. ^_^ And I want to review them all, which means re-reading some. Thank goodness I love them.
    Well, most of them. I do still have a certain set that I need to get rid of and there are others I haven't yet formed an opinion on.


  3. lol. That might be tricky with us. My other half's collection takes up several shelves and we share some books.
    Though he tends to read the same ones again and again until I tell him, read something you haven't already read!


  4. Thanks, I took it on the fly that morning. ^_^
    The sad thing is, I've a bigger collection than most of the bookstores round here. -_- Only the second-hand ones top me now, although probably not by much.

    I think it's more a bias towards fantasy, it all depends on how you categorise Pern and Witch World (I say fantasy, but realistically, they're more sci-fi). Much of the rest is historical. All um … thirty or so of them, largely belonging to my other half.
    Except the five/six ancient egyptian ones. They're mine. ^_^


  5. yeah for Terry Pratchett! I haven't gotten to the ones you list. My husband and I were reading the Rincewind books and the death books because they are our favorites. but we decided to back track and read more about the wizards with Moving Pictures, and about Captain Vimes with Men at Arms. I have to say my favorite so far is Soul Music and Interesting Times.


  6. Interesting Times was a good one. Esepcially when it came to the barbarians. ^_^
    It's a pity I can't afford to grab a copy of The Last Hero as I really wanted to catch up with Cohen and the rest of the Silver Horde. -_-


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