Introducing …

Name: Jamoyia
Story: Dragon
Status: Ancient of Mountain Hall

Mother to Jaimin – the Main Character – and at least a couple of thousand other dragons during the course of her life, as well as being one of the kidnapped females of Dragon.
Being just over three centuries old, she’s lived through a lot of strife and fought in many battles by the time the story begins and Maayin – the other Main Character – comes along, so she’s a bit set in her ways. But they’re rather motherly ways. ^_^
Still, I feel a bit sorry for her. Why do my good characters always have so many cruel things happen to them?

I caught a little of the icy, crystalline shade she is meant to be (more in the gown than her skin, granted), so I’m really pleased with this one.

6 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. I know. But I can be such an evil B at times.
    I've one character – not from this story – who suffers her parents dying in a fire, then is taken in by a client of theirs where (after accidently killing the guy who took in her because he tried to force her) she's shunted off to boarding school.

    All of that get her into a position to be a love interest and I mess with that too.

    I is evil.


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