Introducing …

Name: Crafter of the Winter Children of the Sun
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Crimson Night
Status: Crafter of the Winter Children of the Sun

Wait, am I saying his name is his status? Yup! And dig the shortness. I mean, really, at least it’s not as long as what he calls his ‘daughter’. Still, can you imagine yelling that? Thank goodness they don’t speak words, that’s all I can say.
There are just some people you just don’t want to find standing behind you after a long night out hunting. I imagine that, for a demon, a Crafter of the very light that can kill you would be one of those people. Not to mention there’d be a serious “daddy’s protective of his little girl” vibe going on.

Despite thinking his robe could do with being a shade lighter (and, while I’m on the subject, a different cut altogether) I quite like this. Chilly.

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