Introducing …

Name: Gol Foron
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Shadow Prince
Status: Serpent God of Fire (Like you can’t tell)

Deities play a big part in The Rogue King. It’s where much of the planet get its magic. But most of them tend to only be mentioned in the first story. It’s not until the sequel that more of them (there are around twenty) come into the foreground.
This particular god is Foron, which literally means ‘fire’ in the native tongue. He’s one of the eight living Serpent Gods – Gol in their language – and patron god to a quarter of the equinean population.

I straight up love this image. It’s everything I imagined him to be, right down to the bitty wings. To say it’s better than the original doesn’t even cut it. I first drew his picture (along with his a large chunk of his family) way back. Fourteen years, or so.

He used to look like this:
My drawing skills haven’t gotten any better

2 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. I think his current image was modelled more on a red rat snake. I adored their red-orange and gold colours. Took one look at an image and was all “that's my Foron.”
    You know you're deep in your stories when you do that. ^_^


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