GUTGAA – Meeting ‘n’ Greeting

Gearing Up To Get An Agent, hosted by Deana Barnhart, has arrived!
All those signed up for it will be kicking off this month with and Meet ‘n’ Greet. I’ll be answering some questions.

Where do you write?
In my trusty computer chair (seventeen years old now, bugger’s lived) staring at a computer way too powerful to be using as a mere writer’s tool. Oh, and it sits in the dining room. Yes, my computer has a permanent spot at the dining table.
Or in bed with the trusty laptop. You heard me. I write in bed. At night where it’s warm and cosy.

Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
Um, I’m already at my writing space, silly. ^_^ To my left, the first thing I see is … the Lounge! You want me to be more specific? Okay, if we don’t count the dining chairs … the table where my daughter “does her art”. Oddly enough, it’s quite tidy right now.

Favourite time to write?
At night. Late at night. When all the distractions have gone to bed! It’s a toss-up of how coherent I can be before sleep takes over. After all, I once ended up with 12 pages of Os due to sleep winning the battle. It was a big door. ^_^

Drink of choice while writing?
Well, I don’t actually tend to drink anything specific. Milo, Tea, PepsiMax or L&P is all I tend to drink anyway. Bound to be one of them.

When writing , do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
That depends. I can write some stuff with music going in the background. But I will lock myself away with nothing but a bitty laptop when I need to.

What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
Latest manuscript … as in my last completed? Er, I have no idea anymore. The original was a bundle of info from years back.
Now if we’re talking WiPs, that one was inspired by a game: Overlord2. And I don’t think you’d ever be able to tell if I hadn’t told you that. Although, I think there may be a bit of Beauty and the Beast in there too. Now there’s a combo for you.

What’s your most valuable writing tip?
A tip? I’m afraid I have no tips. You see, over the years of reading what should and shouldn’t be done, I’ve settled on one rule: I’ll write what I want when I want.

Be sure to hop around and see who’s joining me in this madfest craziness. ^_^

23 thoughts on “GUTGAA – Meeting ‘n’ Greeting

  1. It's comfy, I know that. ^_^
    We used to have a twenty-year-old sofa, but it finally died. And our old dining table must've been at least twenty-five years before we got a bigger one.

    Goodness, sounds like my house is full of old furniture. It ain't. Not anymore, anyway.


  2. I think that in itself is a fantastic tip. Ultimately we have to write what and when we want. Otherwise it won't be our best work.

    We do have to also be constantly learning though as well… I find I learn best critiquing others work.


  3. Oh yes. After fifteen years of writing and I believe there are still plenty of things out there for me to learn.

    I guess 'listen to others and learn from their experiences' would come under the heading of Editing Tips for me. ^_^


  4. “staring at a computer way too powerful to be using as a mere writer's tool. Oh, and it sits in the dining room.” That's where I write! But I also play games on my uber-powerful computer, too. And we don't actually use our dining room table to eat at, we have TV dinner trays.


  5. Anything even remotely inspired by Beauty and the Beast is bound to be amazing. And you're rich, it is an interesting combo, but of course those are always the best.

    Super great to meet you! Good luck with the pitch polish 🙂


  6. I watched that movie to death when I was a kid (I was a heavily Disney-influenced child). Then it came out on DVD and I simply had to have it. For my daughter, of course. ^_^
    Who am I kidding? I love the Beast. And I still want that darn library!

    Fingers crossed I get into the pitch polish. I just know my query for DRAGON needs some fresh-eye love.


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