Introducing …

Name: Brenna Goodheart
Story: Dark One’s Mistress
Status: Mayor’s Daughter

One of the five taken to the citadel to be chosen by their Lord, Brenna is first described by Clarabelle – the Main Character – as ‘the mayor’s spoilt, harlot of a daughter’. Which, to be honest, is her pretty much summed up in Clara’s eyes. But then, that’s her outlook towards anyone who’ll willing arrange their life according to materialistic wants instead of love.
In truth, this daddy’s girl has her future all planned: marry the rich old man looking for a young wife. Because being known as the Countess of Endlight has a far nicer ring than the mayor’s daughter. Plus there’s the lifelong luxury thing. After all, you’ve got to have your priorities straight.

I redid this one a number of times. First attempt was to let the perfect amount of her not-so-innocent side show through. Yet I still wasn’t happy with it. So here she is, on the steps of the village hall.

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