Introducing …

Name: Bianca
Story: The Unborn Trilogy – Crimson Night/Silver Moon
Status: Peasant

Being daughter to the local tavern owner, and wife of the blacksmith, was easy for this woman. Then she had Ivan and things have gotten a little too … complicated.
She’s not comfortable with her only child hanging around a known demon, never mind that same creature saved her son’s life. Nor is she all that keen on his choice of girl when there are plenty of other young ladies who don’t have an immortal, over-protective father.
Yup, in her opinion, it’d be better if the last part of her family conformed to normalcy. Maybe learn how to run a tavern and stop his foolish ideas of being a demon-slaying adventurer.
But where’s the fun in that?

I like this image. It’s been tweaked a few times, but there isn’t much I’d do to change it now. Perhaps the scarf colour, but that’s all.

8 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about the characters and seeing the pictures you create. It's fascinating, really, and I want to do something similar on my blog, but haven't quite figured out what exactly I want to do. I can't create this type of graphic, but my mind is working on something…


  2. Thank you, some are oddles of fun to make.

    If it's the graphics that are holding you back, you may like to try they've little programs that can, with a bit of fiddling, you can recreate practically any character.
    And they don't mind you if you post the images on your site so long as you link back to them. ^_^


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