Genre Favourites Blogfest

Now this is the second of Alex Cavanaugh’s Blogfests that I’ve signed up for. The other being the First Loves Blogfest.

So, this time around, it’s genre favourites. Movie, Music, Books and a Guilty Pleasure from any of those categories.
Ready? Here we go …

I’m on a bit of superhero film kick at the moment, but I’ll go for a kidult film anytime. I’m certain that sort of mindset is mandatory for parenthood anyhow. ^_^

Uh, as it says in my profile, I’m up for any song that sounds good. I’m very eclectic and free with my choices. As such, I seldom indentify by type which means Eminem, Shania Twain, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, The Pet Shop Boys, Dixie Chicks, Pink and Madonna (I could go on) all get to share a cosy little space on my harddrive. Never mind the songs I love that I don’t own (Fun, Coldplay … I could go on here too).
So let’s say I’m drawn to stuff with a bit of a beat and some lyrics I can understand, though the latter is not so much a necessity.

Why, fantasy, of course. Just look at the author list that graces my bookshelf: David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, Jennifer Roberson, Gayle Greeno, Robin Hobb, Melanie Rawn, Trudi Canavan … it’d be better if you checked out my bookshelf for a full list.
But fantasy has always been a draw for me. The magic (or lack of), the worlds, the struggles against the villains. Oh … the villains!

The guilty pleasure
Kiddie movies!
Let me be specific. I’m not talking kidlut here (think Shrek). We’ve two massive shelves of children’s DVDs. I enjoy them. Especially the PGs. But I have sat down with my daughter and watched the first two Tinkerbell movies (and couple of Barbie ones) before I realised what had happened. You know what? They were kind of good. In an ‘omg, I cannot believe I enjoyed the cheese’ way.

84 thoughts on “Genre Favourites Blogfest

  1. That's a relief, since I was enjoying them before I became a parent. ^_^

    Although, I don't care how old I get, you'll never tear me away from my Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I did a happy dance, in the store, when I got the DVD.


  2. Fantasy is my favorite genre too! Also, I love kid movies. I'm glad I have a little sister and brother who watch them so I don't feel guilty.

    Also superhero movies – yeah, Avengers has me on that kick too. 🙂


  3. I had the same problem in narrowing it down. I put my top favorite genres, but now I feel bad for leaving so many out. haha.
    I love kidaudlt movies, but I don't have any kids. Is that ok?
    I don't usually read fantasy, but need to give it a try.


  4. Oh kidult movies without kids are fine. ^_^
    You'll need an excuse if you're watching things like Barbie without a young child at your side. (I'm lenient on the excuses. Enjoying them is enough of an answer)


  5. It's weird. I'm a bit of a cynic and the kids stuff is so upbeat and friendship/love/truth always seems to win out …

    Plus, I rarely saw such stuff as a kid. Always out and about on the ponies half the time and the other half was spent being told I was too old for such fluff. -_-
    (Except when it came to Saturday morning and Transformers: Beast Wars. Dinobot called to me so bad back then.) ^_^


  6. Kids really do twist your mind. You should see me go for silly kids songs 🙂 Rhythm and beat is everything.

    I haven't read all your authors on the Fantasy love, but most put me over the moon too.



  7. I actually started liking the Wiggles when my girl was younger. Then she went off them. She's now hooked on Pink and Katy Perry. She can really belt along to 'Raise Your Glass' and 'California Girls'.

    Most of my author love is for older, or deceased, authors. That sort of makes me a little sad whenever I think about it. I'll never get to tell them how much I love their work.
    My only solace is that, in reading their books, I'm keeping their worlds away.


  8. Oh, and as for music, I'm with you – my collection is VERY eclectic. But I do tend to identify music by genres/subgenres, and so if I like what I hear of one artist in a genre, I'll explore that genre further – I guess it's the librarian in me 😀


  9. I blame my upbringing. Rock was always right next to Pop, next to Country next to Disco, next to Heavy Metal, next to instrumentals from a movie.
    Basically, if I like it, I'll go out of my way to find out who did it, then try and nab it.


  10. After reading your choices, I did an arm pump,”YES!”

    HooRa on your 'kiddie' picks. They make those animated movies for grownups too. I could watch Bambi for that matter and enjoy it.

    Great choices!


  11. I've read lots of fantasy and do on occasion, but my true love is scifi. Parenthood isn't a requirement of liking kid movies, when most of them have innuendo that only a parent or adult will get.

    And superhero movies, what's not to like? Although, I still have to see that new Avengers movie. We see most of them either in the movie or when they go to dvd.

    New follower, nice to meet you. Hope you'll drop by my blog!


  12. What's your favorite Eddings? I love the Sparhawk books and have Belgariad and the Elder Gods here ready to read. I also loved Silverberg's Majipoor, which, along with Eddings are my go to fantasy books when world building.


  13. haha…Yay for kiddie movies. I totally should've put those as my guilty pleasure. I've watched every Disney film so many times I can quote whole sections. 🙂


  14. Oh you simply must see it. I didn't get a chance to got to the cinema, but I loved the movie all the same.
    I simply loved Loki and the Hulk (the rest were good too, but those two stole my heart for the entire movie).


  15. I made the jump from ponies stories to fantasy at a young age and, whenever I think I may run out of books that intrigue me, I find another (typically a series, which is great because I love long works).
    It just seems to be an endless resource.


  16. SPARHAWK!!!
    I love him. He's a knight, he's good, but he doubts himself and his abilities. The one character got me into Eddings works and, though some of themes are repeated, I adore the worlds far too much to care.

    Redemption of Althalus is good too (it is weird I wrote the title without checking and got it right?). Though I was a wee bit disappointed by the last Elder Gods.


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