Introducing …

Name: The Mark
Story: Aelfah
Status: The Mark (aka: Queen)

She’d a name at one time, then her father died (with a little help) and she took his place. Now she is the Mark.
Considered as both ruler and weapon, the current Mark controls the council who is meant to advise her, in fact she can control practically anyone except her children. Although she hasn’t her son’s abilities, she is still able to wield her own ‘weapon’ well enough to become catalyst and agonist for both Main Characters.
Though I sure she has a perfectly good excuse to tell herself why absolute power over her people is necessary, she’s often considered as egotistical and sadistic by the few not under her influence.

I want to punch her. I know it’s only a picture and it’s my character so not actually real and all … but I really do. Doesn’t she just scream a certain little b-word?

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