Liebster Award #4

Gifted to me by the lovely Rhiann over at Nest of Words, this is to be my fourth Liebster Award.

If you’ve never seen one. The rules are:
-Answer the presenter’s 11 questions
-Choose 11 lucky recipients
-Formulate 11 questions for them to answer
-Plaster the award on your blog

Well now. These awards just keep drawing me in, don’t they. As with the last one, I won’t be handing it out or thinking up some questions, but I couldn’t resist the questions Rhiann has asked …

1. If you were to choose a Nom de Plume, what would it be?
This one makes me laugh. It really does. Aldrea Alien is my Nom de Plume. ^_^ It’s an old screen name of mine that I’ve come to love and have decided to use because a google search of my real name brings up an author of paranormal erotica …
Yeah, I don’t want one mistaken for the other.

2. What is your favourite flower?
My sinuses say plastic ones (curse you pollen!)
Seriously, I like deep red roses. How cliché am I?

3. If you had to live prior to 1900, what century would you choose, and why?
So long as it’s in Egypt, you can drop me off anywhere circa 3000 BC. I know it’s not exactly a safe place. I’ll take my chances.

4. What is your motto?
I’ve never been one for mottoes, so I’m drawing a blank here … moving on …

5. Lake or ocean, and why?
Lake. We’ve no dangerous creatures in our lakes. And I was scared of the ocean for a good long time (It started after the car accident and disappeared while I was pregnant. I have no idea why).

6. Tell us three things about a favourite character you’ve created.
Just one out of all my precious babies? Wah! Okay, since I’m on a The Rogue King trip, we’ll go for Veng …
-He’s 100% non-human.
-About the only thing he owns of himself is his mind. His soul, body, shadow, heart … all belong to other people. Though the only truly willing gifting he did was of his heart. Metaphorically, that is. Let’s not get gory here.
-His original personality got a major overhaul in the second rewrite. He was real mean to begin with.

7. You’re in a car and this song comes on the radio – you can’t change the station fast enough.
Runaway Train. I can’t listen to it. I really can’t. Just thinking about the song makes me want to cry.

8. Which author influences you most as a writer, and in what way?
The most? The most … I think it might be a tie between David Eddings, Andre Norton & Anne McCaffrey. Each in their own ways and none more than the other.

9. When you get writer’s block, doing this helps. (If you never get writer’s block I’m blowing raspberries at you).
Computer Games! I switch the brain off and bash some monsters. Somewhere along the lines, the muse switches the brain back on and I am in business again.
In fact, that’s how Dark One’s Mistress came about.

10. What movie scared you (and maybe scarred you)?
That’s a tie between The Grudge and The Ring. *shudder* Nightmares for weeks after watching either film.

11. What’s your favourite Halloween candy? 
Halloween’s not exactly all that celebrated over here. So my anytime candy will be either Kitkat Chunky Cookies ‘n’ Cream or Scorched Almonds. Yum.

Great now I want chocolate and there’s none in the house. -_-

6 thoughts on “Liebster Award #4

  1. I found The Ring to be very unsettling.. haven't seen The Grudge but also, my all time least favorite movie to watch is The Passion Of The Christ.. That movie, scarred me.. it made me cry.. and I didn't even want to finish it!!


  2. I did feel a little better about The Ring after going to Wikipedia and reading about The Ring 2. But if you didn't like The Ring then don't, seriously don't, watch The Grudge.
    I couldn't bring myself to think about watching The Passion Of The Christ.


  3. It's slowly catching on. But it's been slowly catching on for decades. Nowadays, they've a party for the kids at my daughter's school.
    It's a shame. I make a wicked vampire. All I do is put on black lipstick and spend a lot of time smiling.
    But then, I make a decent vampire at any time of the year. ^_^


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