Now Look Here!

Crystal Collier done went and tagged me for the writing challenge: Looking at You. I’m thrilled she did. ^_^ I love these things but what happens most of the time is I end up coming along after everyone else has had a go.

The rules for this are simple:
-Find how many times the word “look” appears in your manuscript or work-in-progress.
-Post your favorite three paragraphs with the word “look” in it.
-Tag 5 other writers and let them know they were tagged.

I’m on a The Rogue King kick right now. So naturally, I had to use it for this. Besides, what with it creeping up to the 200k mark and all, I wanted to see just how many ‘look’s I could find.
Turns out there’s 398. Far less scarier than I thought it would be. That’s barely half a scene. In percentages, we’re talking about 0.2%. Let me break it down:
Look: 172. Looks: 16 (Technically, one looksss there ^_~). Looked: 160. Looking: 50.

Now for the paragraphs … I’m bending the rules a bit. These are my favourites, but only from the first two chapters.

Paragraph 1.
From Chapter One. Part of the story Koral asked Amelia to tell

“Yes, the machine had limits.” Her eyes were distant, focused on something beyond the room’s metal walls. “They travelled too far back, took too big a leap into space. It exploded. The ship was built to withstand an attack, but not like that. No one expected its use would weaken the core. So many people died.” She blinked back tears and looked around her before giving him a sad smile. “Only this survived.”

Paragraph 2
From Chapter One. ‘Cause I love my walfres …

Koral shook his head whilst keeping an eye on the shaggy beast. Up close he could see the walfre’s bulk had little to do with the hair. Its head was massive – nearly as large as Koral’s entire self – held aloft by a matching thickset body and hind legs. Although the forelegs were shorter than the back, it looked as if they might be capable of grasping things. That wasn’t reassuring. His gaze flicked to the ground. Were those claws he could make out in the shadowed sand? He peered at the animal’s mouth. The way the tusks curved down reminded him of his own fangs. Did these creatures eat meat? Koral couldn’t recall. He really wished he could.

Paragraph 3
From Chapter Two. Just because ❤ …

Something trembled in his gut. I could eventually grow to love her. He quickly suppressed the thought. How could he think of marriage when his heart was not part of the union? Let the Rogues try and make him one of their own. He would not break easily. “Look, whatever Honny has told you. I –” His explanation fell away at the sound of her quiet laughter. It was a lovely sound. Quite … musical. Perhaps marriage wouldn’t be that unpleasant.

Now I don’t want to risk bugging people by tagging those who have already done this or don’t feel like it. Instead, I’m leaving an open invitation for anyone who wants to join in.
So, you! Yeah, you. You want it? You got it! All I ask is to tell me when you’ve posted it, cause I love reading these things as much as I like participating in them. ^_^

4 thoughts on “Now Look Here!

  1. I'm afraid to look at my other stories.
    As it is, when I first checked this one, I got such a shock that I snicked about 50-100 of the sneaky Look's, mostly the Looked's.

    I'd hate to think how many subsitutes I -have- placed to avoid using Look. >_>


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