Monstrous Monday Blogfest

Yes, it’s the Monstrous Monday Blogfest, hosted by Tim Brannan over at The Other Side.
This has to be one of the easiest and the hardest blogfests I’ve done. There are so many beasts I could pick for this. There are the creepy ones, the weird ones, but that list would change according to mood.
So here’s a list that never changes … my top favourites. All best numbered as one:

Yes, some of my draggies have feathers, they’re hairy too. ^_^

There are the draggies. Currently, my personal favourites are the Main Characters of my novel (entitled Dragon, oddly enough).
These fantastical animals have long been on my list of creatures I will squee over. They’ve been depicted with so many tempers throughout history and, unlike some monsters (I’m using the term loosely here), have many different looks that all say dragon.
On the other hand, I’m not a fan of the straight up animalistic sort that are shown as being little more than dinosaurs with wings. Give me the cunning Smaug-esque dragon if you must make him a mean knight-cruncher, but I better not find your characters slaying these beautiful creatures for no reason. Odds will be, I’ll be on the dragon’s side.

Er, nice boy. Stay … good boy!

Now, coming from the equine family, are unicorns and flying horses (both with and without the wings). Heck, if it’s horse-shaped then, chances are, I’m going to love them. If it talks, they’re just all the more adorable.
This love goes way back to my childhood and few things can top their majesty in my eyes. You can’t tell me seeing a herd galloping across a field isn’t breathtaking.
I’m not just into the lighter themed equines either. All those the night mares out there are simply adorable. I’ll huggle them all. Whether I’d survive said huggles is another matter entirely. ^_^
And, of course, there’s my personal favourite: vampire horses.

Technically, the one in the middle is human. >_>

Also on the list are centaurs. I’ve actually got two variations in two very different stories. Yet, apart from the horsey factor, there’s very little in common with the two. What’s more, one’s Science Fiction (space centaurs, anyone?) and the other is Science Fantasy. No Greek centaurs here. Or is there?

And along the same vein as these centaurians beings, there is the group that holds the most amount of characters in my stories. Simply classified they are the … um … anthropomorphic creatures.
Yes, you read right, not surprising then that one of my favourite comics has a world full of them.
I’ve a fair amount of love for this category, especially when you lump everything from the ancient Egyptian gods to my completely made up species and the characters that have major issues (and I love to torture), the talking/dancing creatures of the fairytale films and everything else all into one big, lovable ball.

So there you go, the proof that I’ve loved fantasy for a darn long time and is twisted. Carry on through the linky and see what monsters other people are talking about.

And remember, to a dragon, you’ll taste mightily good even without the ketchup. ^_^

20 thoughts on “Monstrous Monday Blogfest

  1. I am so happy you talked about monsters from your own books. That was one of my hopes when putting this all together.

    I have to admit, Dragons are pretty high on my list as well. They are my oldest son's favorite.

    Thanks so much for participating in my blogfest!



  2. Those are great picks! I love unicorns and centaurs, particularly since I'm a Sagittarius. Dragons are a longtime favorite too. My all-time favoritest dragon is Mr. Dragon from The Manhole, the classic Mac game from the makers of Myst.


  3. I've seen neither of these. Don't matter. I'll huggle them anyway.

    Oh and it's vampire -horses- … not unicorns. I suppose they're technically vampire winged horses since they have wings and all. ^_^
    I have seen a vampire unicorn in the old webcomic by the name of 'Mythed Myth'. Good bunch of monsters in that.


  4. Checked out wikipedia and youtube for the unicorn scene. I think, given what was done to it, the unicorn ain't scary.
    From what I recall, vampire unicorns suck through the horn. That just seriously boggles the mind.

    At least a vampire horse will hypnotise you -before- it bites.


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