Bouncing upwards to 55k & Pinning it

I’ve always held in awe those people who can churn out a book in a month. I began writing as a loose pantser, typing when the muse struck with a faint goal in mind. It took me a number of years before The Rogue King’s first person draft was complete. Years more before I scraped it and rewrote in third person.

So I’m amazed it’s been only a week to find myself 5,000 words further along into Dark One’s Mistress and a mere five chapters before the end. Not sure how long I can keep this pace up. Especially with the intense level that’s been going on. And, man, I’d so much trouble with one piece of the chapter where the couple were dancing.
I’ve written all sorts of scenes, even a few other dance scenes. No idea why this was such a pain to get right, maybe because the moves weren’t, stand there and jig to the beat, but precise and a little flashy (it’s known as the Dance of the Peacock, for goodness sake). And how to get that across without getting complicated, while they talked … no wonder I spent so much time waving my arms about to focus on the beats and movements. Must’ve looked like a very lazy bee had invaded the room.
Of course, all that hasn’t been without me typing well into the night and finally slinking off to bed at 12, 1 and even 2 in the morning. You see, much of the time, I’m writing out in the dining room if not the bedroom and must wait for the family to … bugger off. Then I type furiously before either someone creeps out to tell me the time (as if I didn’t have a clock) or I nearly fall asleep at the computer (that’s only happened a few times, I swear ^_^).

On another note: I finally signed up to Pinterest. And I’ve 100 pins on it already! Granted they’re mostly from this site (along with a few that are up and coming), just all in the one spot. But now I’ve finally got a neat little place to store my playlists alongside my images. I’d no idea that I could pin videos, nor did it occur to me until I starting pinning them how a certain bunch of singers/bands tend to pop up.

6 thoughts on “Bouncing upwards to 55k & Pinning it

  1. Isn't it great when the creative clog finally dissolves? You're probably getting up to 5,000 words because so many ideas have built up.

    On another note: I still don't get Pinterest.


  2. Oh yes. Been waiting to reach this stage for a good long while. And the chapter after the one I'm on is just as motivation to reach. Been on quite a rollercoaster getting her from there to here. And I'm ahead of my predicted word count. Score!

    I only partly get Pinterest myself, but I like having all my images in one place. ^_^


  3. Wow. Sounds like you are doing great. I'm SO stuck right now. Not on plotting…just on inspiration. I can't get my head in the game. But reading posts like this helps, cause it makes me want to be able to feel what YOUR feeling. haha. Maybe I should go write now?


  4. Well, it's taken me some months to get this far. There's been a few destractions: rewrites of other books; a shiny new idea; and, of course, real life.
    All up, it's been about a year to get where my original idea wanted to end it (I'm so tempted to end on a cliff-hanger, really I am). That's a long time to mull over what'll happen in the last few chapters, and I've changed my mind many times.


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