The Mating Game Bloghop

Woot! Now I may have let my bloghop goal – one every month for a year – fall short in November in favour of chewing through the last 20k of my latest story. But the way I see it, I’ve involved myself in more than one bloghop over the previous months to cover one. ^_^

Besides, I’m back in the bloghopping game.

This bloghop is to be judged by five, count’em, five people: Victoria H. Smith, Jade Hart, Jaycee Delorenzo, Chelsea Cameron & Magan Vernon.
On December 3, each of these judges posted a small excerpt from one of their newly released, or up and coming, New Adult books on their blogs. Be sure to check them out, there is good reading to be had there!
Now, at the end of the excerpt there’s a question, this is what my couple will have to answer on December 10 (uh, today, like), then on the 12th, as in two days from now, each judge will pick the couple they like the most (as oppose to the less, I suppose) and give them a copy of their eBook.

So here we go …

Five questions.
One couple.
No survi- *ahem* >_>
On to the couple …

Because I’m still in Dark One’s Mistress mode. I simply had to choose Clarabelle Weaver and Dark Lord Lucias. Do they class as a couple? Um … sorta …

Please, try to keep the fighting to a minimum.
Okay, we’ll start this off with an easy question and have you tell us about a memorable experience you’ve shared together.
Memorable? *laughs* I’d say the first time we met was pretty memorable. She exploded into my chambers while I was bathing. All I recall is seeing this scared little rabbit of a girl waiting for the ‘terrible thing in the hall’ to pass and-
Excuse me? Scared little rabbit? Terrible thing in the hall? I was trying to escape.
You were a vision, my personal red-haired beauty from the heavens. You never even noticed I was there until I spoke.
Spoke? Spoke? You levelled a sword at me! You saw me there, unarmed, yet you still thought it prudent to point several feet of metal in my direction.
Oh? *grins* What would you have preferred I pointed at you?
When you’re wearing naught but a towel? *blushes* Nothing!
*laughs* Well now, if you were unarmed, then I was certainly not dressed for fighting. I do wish I’d seen your face in better light, it would’ve undoubtedly have been as crimson as it is now.

*Tries to shake free mental image of Lucias in towel* So, what was the first thing you two noticed about each other?
You mean apart from the five feet of deadly steel and naked-except-for-towel?
Her hair. Just look at it. Such a deep, rich red.
You compared it to blood.
But it is that exact colour.
Yeah, as if that doesn’t sound creepy.
Poor choice of words?
Oh, don’t even get me started on that. Do you even hear yourself when you speak?
With you around? I’m afraid I only hear an angel’s choir.

What would say is one of the roadblocks standing in the way of you getting together, then?
I’d definitely say her inability to warm to me. I try my best to be courteous and respect her wishes to the best of my abilities, yet she never seems to appreciate a thing I do.
Oh really? You don’t think kidnapping me had something to do with that? Did you expect me to forget the fact you forbade me my freedom, locked me up in your citadel and then threat-
You mean tended to your every need, yes? Even removing myself from your presence when demanded it, despite my lack of time on this world? Spared Tommy upon your request. And, Miss Weaver, did I not keep you from the streets when you found yourself homeless?
It was your fault I am homeless!
*sighs* Have you also forgotten you were meant to marry a man far older than yourself?
Oh yes, I’d completely forget a thing like that. *rolls eyes*
And, of course, I did stop that man from having his way with you. Yet you still deny me a kind word.
… Stop trying to destroy my perfectly happy anger at you with logic, it’s not going to work.

What would your character do if the one they wanted was terrified of their feelings and pushed them away?
“The one I wanted?” What’s that supposed to mean? The very implication that I’d be attracted to the very man who imprisons me with the intention of getting me pregnant … why I … I’ve never heard of anything so preposterous!
You agree with me?
Of course. Personally, I wouldn’t try and woo a young woman who would sooner slit my throat than kiss me. But, and I’m speaking on a purely hypothetical basis here, if said lady was to harbour some feelings towards me, then I’d at least try to open her up … emotionally, that is, before you can make some snide remark.

Riiiight *does not have good feeling about this* … using only one word at a time, how would you describe the other person?
I don’t know about one word … I can think of several.
Mmm, me too. Although, I’m rather taken with ‘fiery’.
*snorts* Arrogant.
*grins* Gorgeous.
You are aware that’s more than one word, aren’t you?
I hyphenated, so there. *sticks out tongue*

Does that even count?

Yeah … I don’t think hyphenating counts.

Whoo, glad that didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would.

18 thoughts on “The Mating Game Bloghop

  1. lol.
    There is a lesson to be had there. Don't go walking into strange rooms while trying to escape. You might come across a nearly naked guy with a big sword … weapon … sharp thing that will kill you. ^_^


  2. Well, it is the colour of blood. At least he didn't try to be poetic and say “It's as red as the darkest of roses.”
    On the other hand, saying “It's as rich and as dark as freshly-spilt blood.” isn't exactly a mark in his favour, is it?

    Tact, boy, you gotta get some. ^_^


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