Introducing …

Name: Gol Wea
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Shadow Prince
Status: Serpent God of Water >_>

Okay, last time we went from the brothers Foron and Shilar. Now it’s on to one of their six cousins.
Wea tends to get pressed even further into the background than the other two in the storyline, yet somehow he manages to get mentioned just as much as Foron. I blame the seafaring scenes. You’d gain a healthy respect for someone like Wea if you were sailing his territory.

What’s that? He doesn’t look like a serpent? Well yes, they do seem to be gaining limbs. And, seeing he has limbs and all, he’s not technically a serpent. So you were expecting logic? Here? He’s a freaking hundred foot long water-dwelling creature, if he wants to call himself a serpent, you just got to shrug and roll with it. ^_^

And here’s the old picture, just for fun …
Ain’t he adorable? ^_^

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