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Yes, it may be another year, but my blogfest challenge has not stopped. This time … it’s a No Kissing Blogfest hosted by Frankie Diane Mallis.

Wait … NO kissing?
Yup! ^_^ You know those scenes you’ve read or watched. That almost kiss moment – the rising, excruciating, longing type of tension that comes when two characters get oh-so-close to kissing that you can just feel it. You’re sitting there, you want those darn lips to meet. By this stage, you’re mentally pushing those heads together, needing it to happen because it darn well should! And then, just as they lean in … WHAMO! … they … don’t … kiss!
*Insert evil author laughter here*
As soon as I heard about this blogfest, I immediately thought of my recently finished story, Dark One’s Mistress. DOM is abound with almost kissing scenes, like this one. I love that one. But I love this one all the more. It’s from much later in the story, in what I still refer to as my no-sex sex scene where Clara, after weeks of trying to evade becoming Lucias’ mistress, decides to give the kingdom a chance of survival after his impending death (in the form of his mother and her ‘one man siege machine’) instead of doing for the man…

“You should go.” The doors parted without a sound as he stood. Her dressing gown rose from where it lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, drifting across the room to lay beside her.
Clara gathered it up and slowly wrapped the thin fabric around her shoulders. Even without looking up, she could feel him watching her dress. It was strangely exciting to know she was the sole focus of his attention. “So this is it, then?”
Lucias gave a stiff nod.
This is how he says goodbye? She finished tying the front of the dressing gown shut and drew herself up. “Will I see you in the morning before I depart?” Regardless of how he felt on the matter, she didn’t want them to part this way.
He turned from her, shoulders hunched. “It is probably best if we do not,” he replied, his voice hoarse. “I may end up changing my mind.” His laughter, cold and mirthless, echoed into the dark corners. “In fact, I think that if you do not leave now, I will end up making you mine.”
Was that not why she’d come here to begin with? Blushing at her forwardness, she sidled closer to him. “If am to leave before your mother arrives, would it not be better if I did so with there being a chance of an heir?”
“No.” He advanced on her, eyes glittering with flecks of silvery-blue light. “She would hunt you forever.” The words came rushing out in coarse whisper. “I could not let you go knowing that would be your fate. It is all that stops me from taking you now, whether you be fully inclined or not.” Standing in the full light of the fire, his bare chest heaving with each breath, he looked like some hungry beast straight from a fairytale.
Clara shook at the sight, uncertain whether fear drove such tremors. She stepped back, trying to think beyond the glowing creature before her, and found herself pressed against the leather chair.
Lucias jerked her closer, a gasp exploding from her lips as he crushed her to him. She pushed against the firm bulk of his chest to steady herself. His fingers wove their way through her hair. Unbidden, her head tipped back. The quick rasp of his breath bathed her lips in its heat. Eyes closed, she clung to him. Willing. Waiting for him to claim even this small part of her.
“Just leave,” he breathed. His hands left her head, sliding down her neck and off her shoulders. “Please, before I wind up doing something we’ll both regret.” The silvery-blue light had left his eyes, but the stark hunger remained. It burned through her mind, crying out to be sated in her flesh. To know her as only a lover could, to bask in the paradise of such discovery. And to fill her with him.
Clara shivered, suddenly cold and empty. Hugging herself, she stumbled across the room. Behind her came the dull thump of a body. She paused in the doorway. Looking back, she saw him hunched in the chair, his fingers digging into the fallen mass of his hair. “Lucias, I-“
His head snapped up, the face it bore was one of disfigured agony. “Get out!” The words echoed through the room, blasting into her ears over and over.
Clara flinched, jumping back as the doors shook, then slammed shut. She blindly stared at the dark wood. What had she been thinking? I thought it was the right thing. Let him have her for one night and give the kingdom a chance. She hadn’t counted on him refusing her. And he’s sending me away. There was still a little time left to him and he was giving it up. To give me a chance. That was exactly what she’d been trying to do with him.
Only she was too late to change his mind this time.

^_^ Don’t forget to go to Frankie’s website and check out the rest of the no kissing going on.

22 thoughts on “No Kiss Blogfest

  1. Hi, Aldrea! I'm a few days late in checking out the entries for the No-Kiss Blogfest, but late is better than never!

    Anyway, talk about conflicted characters! I could totally sense the sexual tension here, and you did a great job of conveying the connection between the characters. He was a bit harsh to Clara at the end, poor girl. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    ~Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel Blog


  2. To be fair, he's got a bit on his mind, what with facing the prospect of a painful death and all.

    You should see their kissing scene. Although, I is a tad mean there too. Lots of evil-author-laughter going on over here.

    Thanks for dropping by. ^_^


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