Introducing …

Name: Kael Ro’is
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Rogue King
Status: Shadow Speaker

As one of the Main Characters sharing the pov of this story with Veng and Lasil, there’s obviously a fair bit about Kael to be told. This was not so in the beginning. There was very little of him in the first person version, this lack translated over into the first attempt at a third person version and stayed that way for a good long time. Until I was outlining the sequel …
Things I’d never known about him came to light, things that needed to be addressed in The Rogue King Saga to make sense. He was meant to be the non-messed-up one and, yet, my quietest Main Character, the one I’d sometimes forget to add into scenes, turned my whole story upside-down. He made me rewrite it … again and again.
Seriously, he now takes up a large chunk of the story. I have no idea how that happened. Absolutely no clue.

Although you can’t see all of him that well, I love this image of Kael and his vampire horse bond mate, Klif.
I’ve done so many images of him over the years. I even use the picture of him with Talsin as my profile picture, along with the pair of them based on the scene where they meet and a more recent other I did just for fun.

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