Whee! 20k go bye-bye!

Ha! One week since my last 10k milestone on The Gems of Thardrandia and I’ve reached the 20,000 word mark already. Oh yeah! I am powering through this one! In fact, I blew past my milestone this evening. I’m unofficially on 21k, y’all … but you didn’t hear that from me.

And I’ve only just cracked Chapter Five today. My world-saving group hasn’t quite gotten together. They don’t yet know how they’re going to save the world. O_O At least they know it needs saving. Although the full explanation doesn’t come until Chapter Three.
I’m not sure how that happened. Very little of what I’ve written was ever in the original layout. I’ve pulled virtually nothing from my old file except for a few sentences and references that were immediately chopped up and dished out in another fashion. In fact, my original draft of this story had them together and off to save the world by the old Chapter Two because they’d been told in Chapter One!

I don’t know about you, but seeing how far they’ve gotten in 20,000 words, I’m now well expecting this story to reach the projected target of 230k. And that’ll be another story I’ll have to spilt. I apparently can’t write it in bits, but can slice and dice quite well … hmm, well played, subconscious, well played.

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