Introducing …

Name: Gol Meka
Story: The Rogue King Saga – The Rogue King
Status: Serpent God of Miracles

One could argue that Meka is my version of Lady Luck. He wouldn’t give you much of an argument about it, for, much like his brother, Antil, Meka is known for not throwing much of his weight around (but when he does … you better watch out, the boy has a tendency to be … melodramatic).
Instead, Meka opts to spend his time aiding his brethren in creating miraculous moments and answering random needed prayers. This quiet preference is what had him wind up as the patron god of the sssstamne (and no one was more surprised than him, I’m sure), who diligently pray but do not ask for much of a god that is seen as able to weave the impossible.

Originally, Meka was black and red (he didn’t have arms either), then I saw this colouration and … well, it screamed Meka to me. I could not, however, get a depiction of a miracle, so fell back on basic magic.

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