Introducing …

Name: Garon
Story: Witch of Morthin
Status: Duke

Exiled after the mysterious death of his sister, the Queen of Morthin, Garon is the man my Main Characters – Sarna and Lorn – seek to help them. One because of kinship, the other because of a promise.
He’s a sweet guy, when not provoked, unmarried (though I’ve no idea why) and highly protective of his nieces and nephews as well as being skilled in ancient lore and magic on magic combat (which, really, you got to be when half the kingdom can use it). Thank goodness actually, seeing that Sarna isn’t all that knowledgeable on the military side of things.

My original picture of Garon had him looking a little on the aged Native American side (I’ve no idea how it happened). Cool, but not quite the look I was going for, so here’s new and swanky Garon instead. Don’t let the courtly duds fool you, he can use that sword and skewer your fried ass.
I think this is my first picture of a witch not using his/her magic. About time. I was getting sick of the blue glows.

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