Procrastinating … with trailers!

When I first heard about people doing book trailers, I wondered what it was all about.
I also did much groaning because I had no broadband and, back then, it took half an hour to download a two minute trailer. I swear, you won’t get me back onto dial-up now, even if I have to cough up with the best part of my arm every month for the privilege of decent internet (Curse you, satellite broadband! Why must you be my only option?).
Anyhow … this post is not meant to be a rant of me and my love/hate relationship with the sole broadband provider in my area. No, no. This is about trailers. I’ve been playing on a little website called Animoto for a while now … about three or so months … it’s a pretty good set-up and free, if you don’t mind the limitations that aren’t all that bad.
So now, while my daughter’s birthday has been and gone, and I’ve still another chapter to finish for The Vengeful God, I’ve instead been tinkering with videos and cruising through the music at Machinimasound.
All of that leads me to this: the first trailer for The Rogue King saga …

I’m having so much fun with these. You have no idea. ^_^

Yes, I really am aiming for it’s release sometime March 2014. I truly believe it’ll take me that long to get it done. I’ve yet to finalise on whether I’ll be keeping this cover or having it done by an artist, never mind the professional editing that must be completed. But mostly, the date is because I have plans for April 2014.

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