Introducing …

Name: Herald & the Angel
Story: The Unborn Trilogy
Status: Unborn & Child of the Sun

Well, here we are, the final two characters of the Unborn Trilogy: one a demon ‘born’ with no name and the other an angel known as more of a description than a concise name (condensed, it’s Golden Dawn. Do you get it?). How did they get their names? Why, the same way everyone gets their’s: they were given to them by their parents … twice when it comes to her.
It was interesting writing this story entirely from Herald’s POV and he has sure grown since my first crazy dream of a troubled demon falling for an angel trapped in crystal.

This is one of my older images of the pair (done in 2010). Originally, it was used in a contest where the angels had to have wings. Unfortunately, my computer seems to have an aversion to saving half of my files with these two and munching the half it does save (it’s a conspiracy I tell, ye!), so I’ve lost everything but this. I would redo it, but I doubt if I’d get the same emotion this gives off.

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