Dark Times, Silver Lining

Ugh, I’ve just spent four days without power. That’s got to be a record time of no computer in the last decade. And it’s winter here, which means three of those days were spent sleeping most uncomfortably on either floor or couch just to stay warm. I am so horribly stiff, but the news says there’re still people without power and the neighbours have lost their phones, so it’s not as bad as it could be.

Of course, I spent a good part of my powerless days nervous and frustrated is because, it all happened literally a day after I signed a publishing contract … yes, a contract!
It’s all official and stuff. Dark One’s Mistress will be published by Astraea Press! And what a heart-stoppingly gorgeous thing that is to type.

7 thoughts on “Dark Times, Silver Lining

  1. ^_^ Thank you.

    And my daughter and I played so many games of connect four and trouble during the last two days of it. Sooo many.
    Was sort of funny. Literally a day after signing and the power goes out? >_>


  2. Thanks!

    Around here, we could've stick the ice cream outside to freeze again. ^_^ Fortunately, my fiancĂ© managed to grab his club's little generator on the second day and that, mercifully, got the fridge/freezer running … we were stuck with a little camp stove for cooking though. Not exactly adequate for five people. At least I'd done the weekly shopping.


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