Introducing …

Name: Lord Thad
Story: Dark One’s Mistress
Status: Endlight Heir

Hmm … blondish, green-eyed and with a smile to die for.
No, he’s not the Main Character’s love interest. He’s not even a rival, even if my not-bad-bad-guy tends to act like it. Thad is the pseudo brother to Lucias and, like all brother’s, loves to tease him (just a little bit, you know how brothers can be ^_^). And he’s happily married, thank you very much, and with kid number three on the way.
Although, there is a not-so-nice side to him. Just how not-nice? You’ll have to wait for the sequel.

I do like this image. Maybe not the wall, but the rest I find gorgeous. And, oh look, there’s a spare seat …

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