Introducing …

Name: Leon Teptit
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Merchant

Being the father of my Secondary Character, Laccindy Teptit, Leon actually appeared in the original version of The Rogue King where his daughter was stolen from him. I would say kidnapped, but really, he was there. Held for ransom probably comes closer. Either way, this portion of the tale was wiped when I rewrote the story in third person and made Laccindy older. But since I’ve turned a single novel into a saga, he made a (brief) appearance in a new chapter.
No doubt his name will pop up again when I finally write his daughter’s novella (at least, I hope it’ll be a short enough, curse you brain, stop thinking up new storylines long enough for me to write the older ones down).

Did I mention he was dead in that appearance? He was always dead, or dying, no matter the version. So yeah, I killed Laccindy’s daddy. Technically, some men did, but I let them.
Sometimes, being evil is fun. ^_^

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