Introducing …

Name: Hazyn Heartwood
Story: Aelfah
Status: Son to the Mark

Good grief, boy. Fix your hair in the presence of strangers. It’s all messy and untied and stuff. How scandalous are you trying to be?
Being the Mark’s son, but not the heir means Hazyn is free to possess a lot of the things his brother is looking for in life. Simple things, like a wife he’s picked, children and, above all, next to no mighty expectations of him.
Of course, Hazzy can’t help teasing his brother on some points, especially on how he’s the first with kids (although I’m not sure if his brother realised it was a contest). Ah, but good-natured teasing is what family’s for. Besides, Hazzy-boy helps when the need is great and that totally counts, right?

I do love this image, but I see so many things I could do better now I know a little more. Isn’t that always the way?

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