The Dark One’s Sequel

Dark One’s Wife has reached 20,000 words! Yeah! Everybody, do the 20k dance with me!

This milestone is awesome in more ways than one, seeing that it hasn’t reached seven chapters yet and I’ve still five chapters to plot, not to mention the other twelve I’ve got plotted but are waiting for me to write. I’ve never written so much in one point of view before. Ever. The first story of the pair, Dark One’s Mistress, ended up at 72k. Not sure what I’ll end up with after the editor’s been through it, but I aim for a similar word count for the sequel.
I’m not certain what is with these characters, but there seems to be something about them that makes me want to torment them … in the nicest possible way, you understand.

*insert your favourite evil laughter here*

In retaliation, it seems some of the minor characters are getting good at throwing me a few curve balls. I’ve no idea what sort of mischief one is going to blind-side me with in the next chapter, or the one after. I’ve a love/hate thing going on towards having no idea how they’re going to react.

But it’s always fun finding out.

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