Introducing …

Name: Laccindy Teptit
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Roguess

Being a Secondary Character and very much involved with the Main Characters lives, Laccindy went through a number of changes from the old version right alongside them.
Originally, she was the second little girl to enter Koral’s – my first Main Character’s – life then, during the rewrite from a first person point of view to the third person PoV I’m now totally comfortable with, she became the first.
And then she became the second again as I expanded on his time as a child and introduced him to little Hia. It was during the time of the first rewrite that Laccindy also became older, by about five years, which changed the relationship she had with my other Main Character.
Got to love the snowball effect.
While re-plotting for the Godless series – leading me to ask myself various questions about a completely different character – the final piece of her background clicked into place, bringing me to what will be another story for me to write (a short one, I hope).

This isn’t quite how I imagine her, but it comes as about as close as I can manage. It really is a killer trying to get yellow hair to look good.

2 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. Perhaps because I refer to it as yellow. It probably could be darker here.

    Or maybe it's the same reason I keep thinking of MaTisha as blue despite all the ivory-skinned references given.


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