Introducing …

Name: Jarend Taephaxenop
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Outcast

Jarend started off as a mere mention in The Rogue King Saga, which is a pity as I quite like him. So much so that I’ve made a plan for his appearance in the Godless Series. In all seriousness, it’ll be his second appearance, the first coming only if I manage to write the hopeful novella with him in it.
Of course, all that only came from the recent revelations about him. That’s what I get for asking myself about the life of a guy who is originally mentioned the once. Turning out to be a certain someone’s love interest was just the popping-candy-filled icing on my crazy-cake.
And, what with him being of two different herds, he is probably the sole example of living hybridisation within his own species (at least, the only shown example). But seeing as his last name translates as “no one’s son”, he can’t actually be found around them. When he’s not hanging about courting said love interest, he spends much his time kicking about the desert and other places, making him a sort of mixture between the two types of desert people.

Whoo! Just look at that boy’s colouration. Granted, it does look better in this image (although neither show his awesome yellow eyes … just image what their kids would look like), but I really could not resist having an equinean paint. Control of fire and wind? Yes, please!

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