Introducing …

Name: Milandra
Story: Dragon
Status: Ancient of Mountain Hall

Good old Millie. Seriously, she’s old, like close to four hundred years old and, fortunately for my Main Characters, not about to fall into line with the rest of the council and their silly notions.
Unlike most of the other characters from Dragon (who were lifted from a far older version), Milandra came via the blending of new character with the personality of a human I’d already opted to remove from the new story. Probably just as well seeing, in the old version, the human didn’t last beyond the first chapter. So you could say she got dragon-fied instead.

I’m not 100% happy with the hair. I tried painting it rather than relying on a mesh and it just wouldn’t come out as well as I wanted so I fell back to the meshes. It’s better than what I originally had, but I tell you, I got me a higher respect for those who do their images digitally.

6 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. Wow. You've got some great characters. I write contemporary, so I just gotta remember height, hair/eye color and a few other things. You've got a lot more details to keep track of with yours though. I bet it's fun creating them though.


  2. I think, out of 200+ characters, half might be human, so it's not too bad. But after so long, I actually find it a little harder recalling the human details.

    Either way, it's always major fun. ^_^


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