Disasters and Contracts

Let me start off by saying I am no fan of the shaky ground. I’m not as bad as my daughter, who is convinced she’s going to die with each tremor, but I guess it must mess with my personal field or something because I … it’s hard to describe. If you’ve ever walked through a place with a heavy magnetic field you’ll get what I mean. It’s probably the same feeling animals sense before a quake.
Despite living close to a major fault line that’s part of the Ring of Fire, we don’t get many earthquakes. Now there’s been a fair few in these last few days, the first arriving Friday afternoon measuring 6.6 magnitude, followed by over 60 aftershocks going on throughout the weekend. Fiance was stuck in traffic for hours afterwards as everyone fled Wellington’s CBD. We’re cool though. No injuries, just an extra crack in our concrete floor and another which has opened wide enough for me to put my nail in. Fortunately for us, it’s not so much located here as they are across the strait.

I’m finding it all a little funny, in an interesting sort of fashion.
You see, a storm hit as I got the contract from Astraea Press for them to publish Dark One’s Mistress. It knocked out our power for a good couple of days.
And this earthquake preceded another milestone: The contract for Golden Dawn. AH! This one will be with MuseItUp Publishing!

So then World, what are you going to do when I get The Rogue King edited? Oh wait, Murphy’s Law already has me pinned there what with having my fiancé’s work car suck up all our money. -_- And my family wondered why I’d picked such a long time to get it published.

Needless to say I’ve done little in the way of actual writing. Although, now I’ve finally figured out the whole converting a document into a kindle thing, I’ve jumped into doing the last “me edit” for The Shadow Prince. It’s gaining words, so yay!

4 thoughts on “Disasters and Contracts

  1. Thank you. They were the ones who asked for an R&R (with points on what was wrong), so I am really pleased they took it on. ^_^

    And the final image for The Rogue King's cover came today. It looks so good!


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