Introducing …

Name: Gol Foran
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Minor God of Lightning

Wait a minute there tricksy brain. Didn’t we do Foran? Wasn’t he the first of these serpent gods? Well, no. That would be Foron, Serpent God of Fire. This god, while both serpent and god, is not, I repeat, not a Serpent God.
Confuzzillated yet?
Foron, in my made-up language of Thadra, means ‘fire’ (so a literal translation of Gol Foron is ‘God [of] Fire’). Foran on the other hand means lightning or ‘fire of the clouds’. With me so far? Furthermore, he started out as another species entirely and then he got turned into a serpent by Foron and Shilar while he was on the brink of death. Because no one can meddle with a mortal’s life (or lack thereof) like them gods.
Thank goodness this boy rarely shows his face. Though his territorial ways do cause some complications for the Main Characters when he declares the place a no-fly zone.

Crack-boom! Baby. ^_^

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