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I’ve always planned on writing companion novellas/novels for The Rogue King Saga and the Godless Series, even though the latter hasn’t been through a complete rewrite yet.
Most of them would expand on stuff that is only touched on in the two series. Like how a mortal became a goddess; how a half-starved thief became the captain of a warship. Or past political events: the ascension of the first emperor; the merging of two kingdoms. To be fair, most of them are likely to become big enough to stand in their own right and won’t interfere with the two series themselves.

What I didn’t expect was for a novella about a certain character’s life to pop up out of nowhere. What is the name of this troublesome novella? A Game of Cat and Horse. It sort of fits, in a strange way that I’ve grown accustomed to. You may have seen me mention it in a few other posts where it was just an idea with a few lines to its name.

The main characters:
Jarend and Laccindy

After a writing binge (done with a strapped wrist and hand, no less), it’s at 9000 words. A lot of it is in bits and pieces alongside whole chapters, but considering my plan is to have it reach 21k (roughly 1k per chapter), that’s almost half the story already. I would’ve preferred that sort of growth on another story, but this one won’t leave my head, so a-writing we will go. At least it’s short. And you’ll be seeing a piece from it during the More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest.

My main problem is deciding when I’ll publish it, even if it will be one or two years before it’s out. No harm in thinking ahead, yeah?
You see, little miss spotty over there is in The Rogue King. The whole saga really. On the other hand, A Game of Cat and Horse is, simplistically, her tale throughout the saga, along with Jarend’s. And it’s not likely to make sense without reading at least the first book in the saga.

But I don’t plan to release this before the first three. It’s when I get to four, The Vengeful God, that I start wondering. Should I interrupt the series flow by releasing A Game of Cat and Horse first. Or do I stick with publishing it at the end when readers will already know what happened to her after the novella ends.

I know I would pick up a book with the tagline that went something along the lines of “You know how it ends. Now find out how it began.” but I’ve longed learnt I tend to be in the minority for so many tastes. Could I also be one in this?

4 thoughts on “Companion Stories …

  1. That's great that you have a new story going, I love when that happens. 🙂
    I think you could publish it at the end. There are other series that have prequels, I know that's not exactly what this is, but still. I think it would work. 🙂


  2. I've always enjoyed companion novels and learning the backstory to characters. I admit I have a couple of my own.

    I think A Game of Cat and Horse will be an excellent addition. I look forward to reading it!


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