More Than Just A Kiss Blogfest

I’ve been a bit slack on my blogfest participation. Okay, probably being a little busy to be paying much attention to them is likely to be closer to the point … but when I saw this one hosted by Cecilia Robert and Christine Rains, I couldn’t resist.

Yes, I’m a sap for kissing blogfests. Don’t you dare judge me.

Anyhow … this’ll be pretty straightforward, my entry’s below and it’s from the novella I’m working on called A Game of Cat and Horse, a title which probably won’t make a whole lot of sense until about book three of The Rogue King Saga … hey, I had to call it something ‘New Document’ just wasn’t cutting it. Besides, I thought it was clever given the main characters

So! Here you go:  249 words of a brand new kissy scene from my burgeoning WiP …

He couldn’t stand here in her presence any longer and not desire a taste for himself. A single taste. Nothing more. He was no savage.

“Jarend,” Laccindy breathed. She’d flattened herself against the wall. Her usually sharp, azure eyes were suddenly very unsure. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I would’ve thought a worldly young woman like yourself would already know the answer to that.” He drew her leg up to his waist, caressing the downy fur on her thigh. Such softness. “You’ve spent too much energy playing with boys,” he grated in her ear. “It’s past time you let a man take you in hand.”

Her glorious eyes widened further. “B-but–”

Their lips connected once again. She would not talk her way out of his arms this time.

Her lips parted to grant him entry. He accepted the generous offer, his tongue gliding against hers. Moaning, her fingers sunk into his hair, drawing him deeper as if she sought to consume him. Her legs, seemingly moving of their own violation, wrapped about his waist, holding him fast.

Taking it as an invitation, his hand slipped beneath her loincloth, eliciting a delightful little squeak from her throat. Her fingers slid down his back, claw tips lightly dancing across his hide. Jarend groaned into her mouth. A man could go mad whilst under her teasing ministrations. More. He needed more. Every ounce of his soul craved her.

If he couldn’t be her first, then he’d damn well be her last.


Whoo! ^_^ Make sure you’re following Christine Rains’ blog to see her cover reveal on the 13th.

44 thoughts on “More Than Just A Kiss Blogfest

  1. Whoa, that was hot! Especially loved this line: “You've spent too much energy playing with boys,” he grated in her ear. “It's past time you let a man take you in hand.”


  2. Hot, hot, hot! You've included some vivid details along with the steamy passion. Well done! Thank you so much for participating in the blogfest. And I don't judge you at all. 😉 Well, we will be judging the posts at the end of the week! *LOL* Also, thank you for shouting out about my cover reveal.


  3. *dumps bucket of ice down my blouse** oh that was hot. I LOVE this sentence.. “You've spent too much energy playing with boys,” he grated in her ear. “It's past time you let a man take you in hand.”
    And the last one well. Definitely hot snippet! 😀


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