Juggling Act

I’ve been on a roll these last few days. Jumping between stories. Again. Found new material for The Rogue King Saga that I just have to add, bouncing the total word count of the first book over 62,000 words and I’m close to a similar word count for the second one. Naturally it happened after sending the first book to the editor. It’s all good. I’m not going to stress that an extra 1,000 words got added there. Not when my last rewrite added 50k to the overall saga.
Honestly, the stuff that hits you out of nowhere … staggering. But I can’t resist writing about a nervous young man whilst he’s a courtin’. ^_^ The Rogue King is my weakness, has been for sixteen years. Although, I’ve got to wonder why it’s always my badass characters who do this to me…

Of course, all the hippity-hopping means that my feels are all over the place. It’s exhausting at times to go from a super happy scene to a not-so-happy, but necessary, scene. And I’m a bit concerned about the ending for A Game of Cat and Horse. Let’s just say it doesn’t end with sunshine and rainbows. It’s not meant to. It wouldn’t work if it did. Nevertheless, the chapters for it have been filling up day after day. So much so that I’ve passed my original word count goal of 22k. New estimation puts it at 26k.

I’m hoping to get the last few chapters completed before November because I’ve gone and done something crazy. For the first time ever, I’m participating in the National Novel Writing Month. Yes, me: Miss take-a-year-or-so-to-write-a-story is going to attempt 50,000 words in a month. A month! Most likely while getting The Rogue King sorted for it’s February release.

Apparently, I love to torture myself.

So what am I writing? Something new? Will I be digging up and dusting off some old story? Well … I thought on it. I won’t lie there. But, ultimately, that 50k would be better spent finishing Dark One’s Wife, the sequel to Dark One’s Mistress. I’m already roughly 23,000 words in so another 50,000 will complete it just nicely. Of course, I’ve still got three chapters to plot, but … I’m a half pantser sort of writer with past experience to tell me those gaps will magically fill themselves.

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