Introducing …

Name: Klara
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Roguess

Klara, the all-round pest of the desert.
Having been hanging about the story for as long as the Rogue King Saga itself, I actually have a certain hate-filled fondness for Klara … despite her insanity, the jealousy streak that’s half a planet wide and her long-standing tendency to want to drug people for her own purposes.
She stuck around more in the original than she does now and did a ton more poisoning (she’s had a 100% decline there), although I can’t recall why she wanted to bump off practically everyone. I never asked her, still not sure if I really want to know.

I can’t help but wonder why her fingers look so long. I swear, I did nothing to make them that way. Sadly, the computer ate the file, literally did not want to save so … she’s stuck this way until I feel like revamping her again.

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