Last night, after a stretch of typing for NaNoWriMo (three days, 5700 words, no one’s more surprised than me), I played around with a little program called Aeon Timeline. Apparently, you can get 40% off if you “win” at Nano.

But if you’re going to play with the trial, I recommend doing so when you’ve some time as I started tinkering and only surfaced hours later. It’s an interesting little thing and, much to my delight, you can customise a calendar, which really matters for those fantasy worlds with more than the average amount of days in their years.
So, naturally, I’m not using this for my current story, but for The Rogue King Saga and the Godless Series seeing that the first series encompasses thirty-four years. I already had a basic timeline stripped down by years to ensure ages were all correct. I’ve been using it for years, yet had no idea why it worked so well.

It seems, as I punched in all the details for The Rogue King and some of A Game of Cat and Horse, I’ve been keeping a mental timeline holed up and waiting for this program. I’ve only got the first story fully inserted, but so far, every age I’d typed, each passing of the time, all add up. You’d think I’d be more impressed, but after sixteen years, I’d be mad if they didn’t.

So here’s to hoping the other three of the saga follow suit and it’ll help with The Gems of Thardrandia once I start writing it, because I’m keeping this program.

4 thoughts on “Timelines

  1. To be honest, I like its neatness. I found myself constantly referring to my pitiful timeline to keep things straight in my last wip. Things do run the risk of getting muddled when there's midquels, sequels and what not.


  2. I'm one of those people who keeps everything in my head. I've tried making spreadsheets, but then I forget where I've saved them and end up making new ones. I'll have to try out this program!


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