Can I get a little help here?

November has been quite the month. Don’t let my past blog posts fool you, I haven’t been all that active. A small part of that, okay a huge part of it, was due to being hit by the blerg bug from the deepiest deep, deep, deep of the Earth’s core! I’ll spare the details. Safe to say I’m feeling better now … if spontaneously hacking up your lungs for no obvious reason can be classed as better, but I digress…

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know you want to.

Alongside being sickly and having Dark One’s Mistress released into the world , I’ve also had the first edits for Golden Dawn come through and I’ve assurances that the preliminary edits for The Rogue King will appear by the end of the week.

What energy I’ve had left has been channelled into Nanowrimo. I’m creeping up on 39k there with three chapters to go before I’m done. Seeing that I’m adding it to the 24k I’d already written, I’m not convinced I’ll make the full fifty thousand. The way I’m going I’ll be about 4k short.

Obviously, I’ve not had much brainpower over the last week to handle the sudden release of a book I’m in the middle of writing the sequel for. To be honest, I never thought my début novel would be a clean romance, just thinking about it is sort of surreal.

But, again, I digress…

I’m thinking about doing a mini blog tour for a week starting on December 2nd and going until December 6th, providing I can get a little help.

I know, I know, it’s short notice. Obviously, I’m not asking for reviews to be a part of this one. But if anyone’s willing to have me guest post, top ten, interview me or just post details (with or without an excerpt), it would all be appreciated.

And, of course, there will be a giveaway. A $20 Amazon Gift Card.

If you want to join me in spreading the word … drop me an email at aldreaalien[at] or leave a comment with your email.

Edit: All spots have been filled.

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