I did it! I won Nano!

My first time participating in National Novel Writing Month and I won! I actually managed to type 50,000 words on one story in 30 days!
I knew it’d be tough, I knew it was likely to involve late nights and pouting spouse faces. Since the first day when I started with a wedding that had people drinking someone else’s blood, I’ve combined planned chapters and divided others when they grew gigantic. Things happened that I wasn’t expecting and, even though I was certain I’d fall short by 5,000 words, I plugged on.

All in all, it’s been one crazy roller-coaster of a month.

Of course, I didn’t expect to be doing this whilst fighting off the big blargh and spending a couple of days editing Golden Dawn and The Rogue King (the latter alone bringing my actual total to over 52k).

And even though I was putting these 50,000 words onto the 24k I already had, I’ve still got the last two chapters to finish in full. But I am officially too wiped and not at all emotionally prepared to do them justice right now. Maybe tomorrow…

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