Come at me 2014!

So the New Year ticked around, heralding my father’s birthday … I’m suffering from major overeating as I type this. As we tend to celebrate his birthday more than the arrival of a new year, things like resolutions and goals and thinking about the past year isn’t top of our family list.

That being said, there are a few highlights in last year…

On the literary side of things, there was the two contracts: one for Dark One’s Mistress, the other for Golden Dawn. And, of course, there was the release of Dark One’s Mistress itself, which has prompted my other half to read it. I also participated in Nanowrimo for the first time and won, even as I fought off the worst cold I’ve ever had.

But it wasn’t all words and books. Most of the good memories in the real life are filled with my daughter, who is now seven, and her delighted face. Like when she discovered her cat had won tenth place throughout the whole country and would be in this years magazine.
More recently, she asked Santa for “just three things”: an eReader, an Applejack My Little Pony (to replace the one the dog chewed), and anything with a horse on it. I’ll never forget the look of amazement on my daughter’s face as she unwrapped her presents and everything was there.

What am I hoping for in this new year?
Not much. Maybe less powercuts and no colds. That would be nice.
Oh, and not too many bumps in releasing Golden Dawn and The Rogue King.

9 thoughts on “Come at me 2014!

  1. It's sounds like you had a nice year last year, I hope the same can be said this year. Happy birthday to your dad and happy new year to you and all your family 🙂


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