Name: Asar/Osiris
Story: Anubis’ Handmaiden
Status: God

Commonly known as King of the Underworld and the first mummy. He started off as the god of agriculture and nature as well as being, in the beginning, king of Egypt. According to some text, during that time, he mistook his sister, Nephthys, for his wife, Isis … er … several times … leading to children: Anubis and, later, Bata (but those two are a whole other story involving the removal of bits).
Anyway, Asar was eventually killed by his brother, Set. He was first entombed and then, when that didn’t work, Set chopped him up and scattered him about Egypt (which started the whole battle between uncle and nephew).
I picture him as more of a weary father tired of his sons and their bickering by the time my story kicks off. No matter how patient you are, it’s got to get on your nerves after the first thousand years. Of course, it doesn’t help him that he’s the agonist. Note to self: gods shouldn’t meddle in your boy’s love life).

I’m in love with his beard. Love, love, love it! Had to jump through quite a number of hoops to get it.
And, yes, I went with the green version rather than the black. I always think green skin when I think of Asar.

2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. I'm a rather pasty shade (that doesn't get any colouring unless I'm sick).
    Most Egyptian of gods were depicted with gold or bronze skin, but every so often you get green, black (both of which are usually linked to the ground or fertility) or blue.


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