So … April it is, then

So it seems 2014 is turning into a bit of a squirmy brat for me. It started out really good. All bright and full of potential and knowing this would be the year The Rogue King Saga kicked off.

Seriously, I should know better by now.

Bumps in my path swerved me off-road for a bit. I’m not going into major details, but the dual stresses of needing new bed and my fiancé’s potential surgery weighed me down. The former, of course, took every penny we had on hand. Grinding The Rogue King’s publication to a halt.

But thanks to some quick-smart wrangling by my family, the potentially terrible crisis of waiting until next year has dropped to being a brief pause in the final edits. I’ve still got a lot of work to do … now that I can, like getting my domain up and running. And I’ll be jumping on the proof as soon as I hear from my editor. I’m fully prepared for the paperback to take a while to get here. I’m on the other side of the world, after all.

And seeing this is the first story I ever wrote, the one that’s been with me for close to seventeen years now, I’ve long considered it as “the big one”. So I’d like to give my first novel an appropriate send off into the world. To make that possible, the release date will need be moving two months to the 22nd of April 2014.

So I’m both a touch bummed and elated.
There are still some bright points: I’ve got all the edits done for Golden Dawn, which is coming out with MuseitUp Publishing this spring, and I’ve only just finished up with their cover artist. Whereas on the home front, my fiancé, thankfully, won’t be needing surgery (for now, anyway) and that’s a load off my mind, I assure you.

2 thoughts on “So … April it is, then

  1. Sorry you're going to be delayed. But at least it's still this year!

    Awesome news with the personal domain and the new cover. I saw it on facebook and was all, “wha! Why haven't I seen this?”


  2. Oh yeah. I'm running the danger of having two books come out practically on top of each other, but … yup.

    I feel so official with my domain now. It'll mean juggling two sites for a while as I set up stuff, but I'm cool with that. Just doing the waiting game now and adding chapters to The Shadow Prince.


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