Rated Across the Board – Goal Achievement

I’m not one to check my book’s stats religiously everyday or even in a week, so I never really know where it’s at. I might check my dashboard to see how it’s going when I get a friend request on Goodreads. So when I saw Dark One’s Mistress had jumped from two ratings to five, I had to peek. Combined with the results at Amazon, I have a rating for each of the five stars.

Yes, that means they’re not all glorious fives, but I’ve no problem with that. As the title says, I see it more as an achievement. It means actual people (people I have no connection to) have read it and given their opinion based on their tastes.
Before it was published, I had quietly amassed a few reasons why some people might be disappointed in Dark One’s Mistress. At the top would be the lack of sex and not liking the characters. I wouldn’t change either one of those and, even if I did, both points are subjective.
But I do find myself a little puzzled by the one star. Not because it is one star. Not even because they didn’t list a reason. Although it would’ve helped, I can also see the reason for not wanting to say a word.
My bewilderment originates from what I found after I clicked on the name. I can only conclude that they must’ve read those six books in the past and have only now gotten around to marking them. It’s possible and I’m willing to believe it.
That five out of six were given a low score … I’m not sure what to think of that.

2 thoughts on “Rated Across the Board – Goal Achievement

  1. Yeah, with the slew of one star reviews the person gave out, I wonder which books they actually like. I kind of wondered if they were being malicious, since the bad outweighed the good, and there were no comments.

    I ended up with a 2 star review, which confused the heck out of me because it was the day before the book officially released and I'd only sold one copy to someone in New Zealand…


  2. I've heard of people given a poor rating to books that aren't even out yet. Makes me wonder about some people.

    That would've been me buying the NZ book before release. I was so excited to see it out that I snaffled up the ebook then and there. ^_^

    Your two star is stranger than my one. Rated and still filed in the to-read list… But so long as the good outweighs the bad, it's still going right.


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