Let’s see how fast I can read

So I’ve got my final edits for The Rogue King (yay!) and that means going through the story one last time before formatting. And there are the ARCs I must find reviewers for…

I’ve given myself a set amount of time to get through 65,000 words (day one and already a third of the way through) and basically ensure everything is all good before I have the printed proof sent over. I keep thinking that maybe if things so smoothly, I could release sooner. But it really all depends on how the new print looks as they’re no telling me something’s up with the cover and I’ve yet to decide on if I should go with matte or glossy.
Heh. It’s sort of funny. I’ve been waiting and worrying over so many things and now I feel so busy. I already have the page set up on Smashwords.

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