This is it…

If the proof of The Rogue King comes back clean, this will, hopefully, be the last time I touch the first piece of the saga. All will then be needed is to wait.

It feels rather surreal. I can’t believe this is actually happening. I already have Dark One’s Mistress out there, but to take that first step with this novel… it’ll been seventeen years come the 22nd, that’s over half my life with this piece. After all the changes, the expanding and division that led to more expansion, it’s coming down the last stretch… my stomach does all sorts of weird bubbly things in a mixture of excitement and trepidation when I think on it.

2 thoughts on “This is it…

  1. I know! And my swanky business cards just came, too … all 500 of them. O_O But hey, now I can give people those instead of trying to write all the info on whatever scraps of paper they've got.


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