To glossy or matte…

So after finding one tiny error in my proof, I sent out for another one for a single purpose … to decide whether to make the cover glossy or matte.

Because this:
Old Proof

Looks way too different to this:
New Proof (Matte)

Ever since Createspace gave the option, I’ve been bouncing between the two choices. Looking at the verdicts already on the web, it seems the vote is divided evenly between the two camps, no major marks off for either cover style. Personal preference is in play here, but being that I’m a grab as I find sort of buyer, glossy or matte rarely comes into it.
If any thought flashes through my mind, it’s often: “Hey! I am pretty sure I’m missing that one!” *yoink*

So, it seems the deciding factor comes down to a few points:
Preserving image quality
Cover durability



Unlike the old proof, both the newer versions appear to preserve the image. This is likely due to me figuring out what setting to use on the PDF.

Cover durability is a worrying factor. I’m afraid the glossy might peel on the corners or bubble along the spine where the wing is the darkest. Apparently this is an issue in some covers with dark images due combos of heavy ink and the laminate not sticking properly. And, after two hours, it already has scratches.
On the other hand, I’m constantly brushing things off the matte and it seems to me picking up my fingers prints a little to readily. Not major issues to me.

Like I said, feel doesn’t concern me. They don’t feel like most of the books I own (which are somewhere between Createspace’s glossy and matte) but they both feel like books.

So after some general consensus around the household. I’m going with Matte.

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