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I enjoyed this bloghop so much the last time, so when I heard Kyra Lennon and Rachel Schieffelbein were hosting another, I couldn’t help but jump in. I mean really, who can resist this:

“Almost all of us have imagined who would play the characters in our WIPs if they were ever made into a movie. On February 28th, we want you to “cast” your WIP, and post photos of the actors/actresses you would choose to play the characters in your latest manuscript. You don’t have to cast everyone if you don’t want to, just show us your MCs and tell us a little about them.
Also, we’d like you to tell us which songs you’d have on your WIP Movie soundtrack! This can be one song that fits the main theme of the story, or several songs that make you think of your story.”

Last time, I tried to make a cast for Dark One’s Mistress only to draw a blank when it came to any one beyond the heroine and fell back on doing voices for the main characters of The Rogue King.

But there’s no backing out this time! I’ve been through the story and I’m still working on it’s sequel, I know who I would portray the main character and a handful of the cast.
But let’s focus on the sequel, Dark One’s Wife…

Playing the main character, Clara, would be Selena Gomez. No question there. She has been my choice for ages. I look at Selena and wonder who dyed Clara’s hair black.
Of course, on the flip-side, seeing her with blood-red hair would be … interesting. She’d pull it off, I’m sure.

Lucias, the Dark One himself, would be portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. If only for his ability to do wounded hotness so well. He swayed me to Loki’s side in Thor and I was completely sold when Avengers came out (it’s surprisingly fun to root for the bad guy).
Not convinced? Then is seems I must pull out the big guns *ahem* his first appearance in Dark One’s Mistress would be of him dripping wet and in nothing but a towel.

Go on, tell me that’s not a win.

As Thad of Endlight, Chris Pine comes pretty close. Lighten his hair and I can easily see him mouthing off to his lord (both when he’s drunk and in a rage/depression-fuelled rant after the final battle) and being scary serious.

And then there are the agonists…

Anjelica Huston would be perfect and awesome (not to mention a little on the scary side) as Lenora Raven. Like Selena was for Clara, this is really my only choice for Lenora.

Honestly, just seeing the pair of them scrapping it out over a dagger whilst trying to kill the other would be worth it.

And lastly, there is the barbarian. I admit, I had some trouble with casting him. I thought maybe Vin Diesel, but Alexander Skarsgård really does fits the profile better.
I ask you, would he not make a damn fine, nine foot tall barbarian? Of course he would!

So there you have it. A good portion of my main cast. I still have no idea who’d I’d cast for Farris.

As for the songs, there’s only a couple right now that scream Dark One’s Wife to me…
Titanium for when Clara and Lenora meet. (This was going through my head as I wrote the scene ^_^)
Hero for the big battle. (I see the gates exploding every time that music starts)

30 thoughts on “WiP: The Movie Bloghop

  1. What a great cast. You can never fo wrong with Angelica Huston. I think is would be cool to see Selena Gomez play this role…Oh, and thanks for the eye candy; all the guys are good choices.


  2. Wow! great cast. I can totally see Tom playing as The Dark One..LOL He does dark so well! I had signed up for this but wasn't able to participate on 28th. Hopefully next time!! 🙂


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