Name: Sadh
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Councillor

In my experience with quest orientated novels, the questers always stumble upon someone (who isn’t also a deity) who knows way more about what they’re looking for than the questers. This red bird-like woman is that person, save for one thing: what she knows has little to do with their quest.
When she originally popped up, I’d a very scant idea as to why she wanted to help them and also wasn’t easily intimidated be it by eight foot tall lizardmen or people with elemental powers.
Of course, now I know. Which made writing her that much easier.

Ah, such an old, old image. And not really how I picture her (she should be stockier overall and with shorter legs), but those are the limits of being completely unable to draw and being half-able to use 3D models. I may attempt her again when I’ve the time to wrestle with a corrupted file.
That being said, I do like to think of this being her before she grew reliant on her cane (somewhere prior to her late teens).

2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. I think so, but is it age related? Dunno. I would thin dulling feathers would be a greater indication.

    So this is young her (very young as she got the cane in her teens). I hadn't the tools or the skill to make her look older. Maybe one day…


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